Our Story

We started at a solar integration firm on the same day. Immediately we discovered our mutual drive to make a difference and shared an enthusiasm for positive change.  Inspired by our work in solar integration, we were determined to protect the environment, change public perceptions of energy use, and help jump-start a sagging economy.

While we knew that our work would help to accomplish our goals, we also found that our idealism was burdened by realism. When clients were evaluating the decision to “go” solar, they placed the most emphasis on short term financial payback rather than solar’s primary value: providing clean, renewable energy directly from the most abundant source, the sun. We wanted to do more. After a few conversations and some follow-up research, we learned that 1.5 BILLION people worldwide are without electricity every day. With this in mind, we realized that solar electricity had the ability to change the way people live.

Pretty soon “What If’s?” turned into “Why Not’s?”. Our objectives were clear and we agreed to take a leap of faith, drop everything, and form an organization that could deliver benefits that were Beyond Solar. We’re confident that with our determination and your help, we can truly make a difference and change lives through the use of solar energy.

Jeff Olshesky and Trevor Knauf
Beyond Solar

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