The issues described above seem numerous but the challenge is not insurmountable. They all stem from lack of access to electricity. By simply providing electric light to a village, households would save time and money on fuel stocks. They would improve indoor air quality and reduce associated health hazards. Students and workers could extend their hours of productivity. Collectively, the community will benefit from a domino effect of healthier, happier, more productive members. Solar energy is the obvious solution to delivering electricity to remote, rural villages. It is highly scalable, from solar powered flash lights to utility scale facilities. “Off-Grid” solutions remove the requirement for deep technical skills, as no inter-connection is necessary. It is an environmentally friendly source of power, and most importantly, once the technology is in place, the only cost to operate is to ensure the panels are clean! By providing electric light to a village, we can restore dignity to those unfortunate to be born into an environment that offers little in the way of social mobility. Help us be a part of this simple yet significant opportunity to deliver what many of us so often take for granted: electricity.