The Challenge

In the developed world people all too often take electricity for granted. We forget, or are simply unaware, that over 1.5 Billion people worldwide live day to day without access to basic electricity. That’s roughly five times the population of the United States!

The cost to build transmission lines from power plants to rural villages is rarely justified. As a result, many are restricted to burning traditional fossil fuels such as kerosene, wood, and waste to meet their energy needs. This absence of electricity unfortunately falls on the shoulders of the rural poor and has the following effects:

  • Fuel sources consume an inordinate amount of family income

  • Children's ability to study is limited to daylight hours

  • Shorter work days severely inhibit overall productivity levels of the community

  • Burning fuel indoors emits toxic fumes that cause respiratory illness and presents safety concerns

How We Can Help

Solar powered lighting is the quickest and most practical solution to addressing the challenges above. It provides clean, renewable power, requires little technical expertise to install, and most importantly, once running, there is no cost to operate. From solar lanterns to home lighting systems, this technology is proven, cost effective, and scalable.

Through the use of solar powered lighting, families will save time and money on fuel stocks. Replacing fuel sources such as kerosene will improve indoor air quality and reduce associated health hazards. Lighting households will extend hours of productivity for students and workers alike. Collectively, the community benefits from a domino effect of healthier, happier, more productive members.

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